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Supporting and Enhancing Family Child Care in North Carolina

Supporting Family Child Care

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Professional Development

Professional development opportunities specifically tailored for family child care professionals encompass a continuum of learning and support activities aimed at preparing individuals to effectively work with and advocate for young children and their families. These opportunities are designed to enhance skills, deepen knowledge, and provide ongoing support in the field of family child care.

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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance (TA) is dedicated to developing processes, applying knowledge, and implementing services that enhance quality and support within the family child care community. TA methods prioritize the establishment of positive, trusting, and respectful relationships through consultation, coaching, and mentoring. These approaches are crucial for fostering professional growth and improving overall quality in family child care settings.

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Enhanced Business Practices

Enhanced Business Practices extends the technical assistance process, focusing on improving business practices and ensuring the long-term viability of family child care businesses. This support is customized to benefit potential, new, and existing family child care businesses alike. The goal is to strengthen operational practices and ensure sustainability.

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